Dynamic Discs Recruit Basket
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Dynamic Discs Recruit Basket

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Ask every top level player if putting practice is important and you will get a unanimous "Yes!" It would be ideal for each golfer to have their own practice basket. However, a good basket will cost over $300. There are baskets that are much cheaper, but they have thin and relatively few chains which lead to disappointing practice sessions because of all of the good putts that don't stay in the basket. Introducing The Recruit by Dynamic Discs. This basket is tournament quality at practice price. It can be put together, or taken down, in about 2 minutes and comes with all the necessary hardware and tools. The Recruit has 26 strands of chains on inner and outer layers. Weighing in at just over 60 lbs, it is very sturdy but with the built in wheel on the base, it is very easy to move. Get ready for tournaments. Get better. Get the Recruit.

Color: Matte Black
13 inner and 13 outer chain sets that are zinc coated
The Recruit Basket is electrophoresed first and then powder coated for extra protection from natural elements
Tension screws are included for increased stability
The Recruit Basket is approved at the Standard PDGA level which means the basket can be used in play for any event up to, and including, a B-Tier
The top band on the Recruit Basket is 3" tall
The Recruit Basket is easy to carry in a car's trunk because the pole is made of two parts
The Recruit Basket is mainly meant for portable use. Permanent installation, or prolonged exposure to the elements, can eventually compromise the integrity of the basket's composition